Join Up

We’re building up our crew to start filming the first season of Man Eating Cheese.  We need actors and writers.  The show will consist of a series of 5 minute youtube videos.  We just need a few hours of your time (we expect to be able to record a full series in around half a day) so we can create some great content.

We want to build a family that we can continue to make Man Eating Cheese for the future.  Whilst we can’t pay anything at the moment, except very minimal expenses, we hope that Cheese will become a paying endeavour in the future and you’ll be in on the ground floor for that.

Filming will be in Basingstoke in Hampshire (UK).

We’ve filled quite a few of our needs but we’re missing a couple of specific personalities, we need at least this many people – but more would be great – 2 x Black Females, 1 x Black Male, 1 x Asian Male (preferably oriental).  This isn’t a limit, we’re interested in hearing from anyone that wants to give sketch comedy a try.